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N 38° 22' 11.66"  W 116° 24' 03.97" 

Did you know Nevada has more Ghost Towns than REAL towns?
There is a reason it's called "The Silver State" and that is the multitude of silver mines throughout the state (along with gold, copper, and just about every other mineral that can be mined).  Most of the mines are now deserted and abandoned.  Some, like Tybo, have mining equipment or even buildings still in a state of "arrested decay".

According to Wikipedia, Tybo "... was established... as a  silver mining town. Its name came from the Shoshone word tybbabo or tai-vu, meaning "white man's district". The community prospered ...its population neared 1000, and it had a school, post office, and newspaper by the end of the decade." 

Tybo map1.png
Tybo map2.png

Before heading the 4 hours up to Tybo, I did my regular research: 
* I checked the lunar calendar to make sure I had a new moon.
* I checked to make sure there wouldn't be any clouds,
* I checked to assure I would be going to dark skies.  According to, this is a Bortle Class 1 location, meaning the sky is as free of light pollution as you can possibly get! But as far as I'm concerned, if there was such a thing as Bortle Class ZERO, this would be it!  I have never seen darker skies!
* I also searched my bookshelf of 4-wheeling, Nevada history,  trails, and guidebooks to learn what I might be photographing. 

I decided on two specific destinations : The General Store and the Headframe.
There are also some well preserved charcoal kilns on the site (that were the cause of some excitement {ahem! racial riots!} during Tybo's heyday) but I knew my two choices would fill most of my night by themselves.  

From Las Vegas, I suggest driving straight to Tonopah (3.5 hours up I-95).  Get gas in Tonopah, maybe grab a bite to eat. 

I personally chose to get a room at the incredible Mizpah Hotel ( It's an awesome hotel built in 1907.  It is a step back-in-time but the amenities are up to date, and holy crap the mattresses are comfy!!
Anyway....then head to Tybo (it's only a 70 Mile drive from Tonopah). Go east on US-6.  At Warm Springs, you'll be tempted to take a right, but continue straight on US-6 for 9.7 more miles.  You'll then go west about 9 miles (watch out for the big cattle as you pass through the farm!) You'll see the signpost (above) after the cattle farm.

Tybo 010.png

I think this is one of my favorite photos ever! 

Taken from inside the General Store, we are looking through the windows to the South as the Milky Way rises over the far mountains.

The complete darkness of a ghost town on a moonless night is difficult to describe and I needed to add a bit of ambient light so you could understand the setting.   Without it, it actually looked like this >>>>>>>>

Windows 001.png
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