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These are a few of my favorite shots SO FAR.
A note on my photographs - I almost NEVER "composite" my shots.  I may adjust settings for the foreground separately from the sky, but these photos are almost entirely taken from single exposures.  On the few photos that I *have* done through the composite method, they are all taken from the same location on the same night.
I mention this because some "astrophotographers" combine images from totally separate locations, angles, times of the year or even sources then mash them together to create "art".
A perfect example is a "photo" that I saw online of an arch in Canyonlands National Park.  It has an exquisite arch of the Milky Way behind it.  This shot is basically impossible because the arch faces East and the Milky Way arches in the South (going East to West).  At no time of the year does the Milky Way arch from the North to the South.
This type of "cheating" can be frustrating for those of us that trek miles into the wilderness to get an incredible photo when someone with a copy of Photoshop can just cut and paste whatever photos they want to invent.
So I want to assure you, my friends, these are all ACTUAL photos that I have taken.
Okay... vent over. ;-)

Full Panorama for internet.png
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