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Boulder City Dry Lake, May15th, 2022

35° 54′ 38.15″ N, 114° 55′ 17.32″ W

about the site:

A scant 26 minutes southeast of Las Vegas, the Boulder City Dry Lake Bed is convenient, if not entirely outside of the Las Vegas light dome.  According to, this is a Bortle Class 4 location, meaning the sky is equivalent to the transitional zone between suburban and rural areas.
From Las Vegas, take Highway 95 south as if you are going to Searchlight.  Head south on 95, 515, or 215 as if going to Hoover Dam.  At railroad Pass exit south, as if going towards Searchlight. 3 miles after the turn from I-11a dirt road heads west.  Pull off to the shoulder for a convenient star-viewing site.

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