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Bonnie Claire Ghost Town November 9th, 2021

37° 13′ 36″ N, 117° 7′ 15″ W

about the site:

6.8 miles west of Highway 95, between Beatty and Goldfield,   Bonnie Claire was once a camp and townsite that serviced 3 major mines from Gold Mountain.  All that remains are a few buildings and some remnants of the mill itself. According to, this is a Bortle Class 1 location, meaning the sky is as free of light pollution as you can possibly get!
From Las Vegas, take Highway 95 north for 2.25 hours past Beatty, then turn left at Scotty's Castle Road (NV 267 W).  travel for just under 7 miles.  The remains of the mill will be visible on the right.  The dirt road up to the mill doesn't require 4WD, but it is a bit rocky, so take it slowly.

Bonnie Claire Sky Map.png
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