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 37°27'44.88"N  114°46'45.61"W 

about the site:

I stopped before driving down into the Delamar Ghost Town itself, as to get photos from a higher perspective. These photos were taken at the peak of the 2020 Perseids Meteor Shower which unfortunately coincided with a last-quarter moon.  This meant that during the PRIME hours for meteors (midnight-sunrise) the Moon was washing out many of the smaller meteors.

Interesting trivia: The gold in the Delamar mines was embedded in quartzite, which created a fine dust when crushed. Miners breathing the dust often developed silicosis and the town became known as a "widow-maker."
According to, this is a Bortle Class 1 location, meaning the sky is as free of light pollution as you can possibly get!
From Las Vegas, take the 15 North (as if going to Salt Lake City), exit onto Highway 93 (The Great Basin Highway) for about an hour and a half (104 miles) This means at the Crystal Springs Junction (where you can take a left to go to Area 51, you stay to the right and continue as if you're going to Great Basin).
After the Crystal Springs curve, you will wind through a small pass and find yourself gazing across a HUGE valley in front of you.  About half-way across that valley, you will take a right onto a dirt road.
For the next 10 miles, you just need to keep your eye on the road and make sure you're heading in basically the right direction.  There are some small signs along the way.  A MAP is a MUST to keep you on the correct road.  It's not rough here, just dirt/washboard/rocks kinda' thing.

After about 10 miles or so, you will start climbing up the side of the mountain.. and I mean SIDE of the mountain. 
The road is basically an unmaintained mining trail with big rocks, washed out areas, and steep drop offs. It is definitely high-clearance/4WD territory!!
----- There is another way to Delamar Ghost Town to the south, and I will try taking that one next time.

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