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Death Valley National Park
2023 Lake Manly

August 21st, 2023 Hurricane Hilary dumped over one year's worth of rain into Death Valley in a mere few hours.

In doing so, it amassed a once-in-a-lifetime lake in the middle of Badwater Basin.

At the same time, it created devastating flash floods that destroyed EVERY road throughout the National Park. For months, it was impossible to even enter the park, and the National Park was closed by the National Park Service.
Death Valley reopened on October 15th, 2023 after nearly two months of reconstruction and repair.

On October 19th, NightVistas returned to Badwater Basin.
The new Nikon D800 wasn't working as it should've (the other cameras were in the shop with winter maintenance) and we were forced to rely on our simple Samsung Galaxy A32.  I then returned on November 3rd for proper night photos with the Nikon D800! Yeah!  Enjoy!

Death Valley is one of the most convenient "go to" spots from Las Vegas.  Depending on where you want to go, sites can be anywhere from 2 hours away to 5 hours away (for the Racetrack Playa) or more.  Since the entire National Monument is remote, chances are you will have Bortle 2 or better skies!

about the site:

Badwater Basin          N 36° 15' 01"  W 116° 49' 33

This is the lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere and a 282 feet below sea level, one of the lowest spots in the world.
From any entrance to the Park it is well marked.

Coming from Las Vegas, make your way to the Death Valley Junction (either taking 95 through Armargosa Valley, or coming through Pahrump).  After passing the Inn at Death Valley (the beautiful hotel on the right), you will take your next possible left and drive 17 miles to the Badwater Basin parking lot.  Then walk your way out to the lake that is waiting for you.
It's really hard to miss!  
According to, Badwater Basin is a Bortle Class 2 location.

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